Sew Charming Quilts was born out of a desire to see the beauty of the world translated through fabric, design, form, and construction. The owner, Kathleen, began her journey into quilting over 30 years ago as a young teenage mother by watching quilting and sewing shows on PBS, the likes of Nancy Zieman, Eleanor Burns, Marianne Fons, Liz Porter, and Shar Jorgenson.

She inherited many of her creative crocheting, sewing, and quilting gifts from her mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. Her great-grandmother, Arvilla, made it a point to create baby quilts for all of her great-grandchildren. Kathleen fell in love with quilting and wanted to pass on that tradition to her children. But as often does, life and the living of it can get in the way. Being a busy mom with a growing family of 6, the time for quilting became an on and off thing over the years. But, silently yearning, she managed to work it in as often as she could find the time. She taught quilting classes to third graders with two of her children, made quilts for family members, and always wanted to give more.

With her children grown, Kathleen has found time to jump-start new creative endeavors by passing these creative passions on to the next generation. She is working to give this love of quilting, creativity, and design to the world at large. Her husband of 37 years supports her addiction to fabric, her business, and all her quilting quirks. She is part of the Quilter’s Guild of Dallas and the Plano Quilt Guild.

She is often heard to say, “So much fabric, so little time!”