Fabric, Kona Cottons

Second Day of Catch Up


JANUARY 16th – Velvet



A new day and four AMAZING colors to inspire you!

Where do I begin……

Oh CANDY PINK, how sweeet are you!!! Just look at that shade of pink. The options are endless with this yummy color. You could blend it with other shades of pink or be bold and let it be the star.

MMM…. luscious VELVET. A purple that is deep and powerful. Even a small amount of this fabric added to your next project would make a statement.

Now relax and breathe in this next one. Kona COFFEE is a rich shade of brown that is a must for your collection of must-have fabrics. And who can get by each day without a cup of coffee first thing in the morning? Truthfully, I’m allergic to caffeine. I know, weird, right?! So I have to survive on the decaf variety and convince my brain that the coffee I drink contains that pick-me-up that I need first thing in the AM. Don’t let this color fool you, because it would make as good a background choice as black might and blend it with other beiges, peaches, yellows, blues or lavender colors and you’ve got a color scheme that will sing!

Kona MED-GREY is a great tonal grey that pairs well with other greys (light or dark) and other deeply rich fabrics like purple, green, red or blue.

What’s your favorite quilting background color? Let us know below!

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