Fabric, Kona Cottons

Fifth Day of Catch Up

Guest post by Pesha Mclemore


Kona Cotton – Purple

Oh Purple how I love thee……

What a color! Totally a top on my fave list!

Speaking of purple, we have had an adventure involving this wonderful shade here at the shop. SET UP: 37 book covers in a wonderful deep purple that we had in stock all cut to precise measurements. PROBLEM: Finding out that I had the wrong measurement after having cut through a full bolt of the only purple color in stock.

You see the problem right?! So now imagine a late night and half day adventure schlepping from fabric store to fabric store in search of replacement fabric.

How did this story end you ask…..?

Thankfully, Kona Cotton comes in several shades of purple and we were able to secure enough replacement fabric in a very similar shade.

Future note to self: CHECK and RECHECK measurements before making any cuts! And of course, have plenty of Kona Cotton Purple fabric on hand.


What a wonderful shade of green. Tarragon is a must have!

I love cooking with amazing spices but I am going to be honest with you guys, I have not used Tarragon. I actually just googled what dishes this would be good in. So sorry, I will not be parting some fabulous dish that I prepare whose secret spice is Tarragon. What I can say is I love this green. It looks fresh, which I love!

I will be adding it to a project soon!


What do you think about this shade of brown?

It’s lighter right.

So I can say that the color name choice made me think of horses, so when I saw the picture of this majestic Sable that lives in Africa, I thought “hey, this thing has coloring just like horses I have seen growing up”. Just saying….LOL

But lets just say it out loud, brown is beautiful and with a shade like this, we will be looking for places to put it in our own projects. What color or color(s) would you pair this with?? Let us know in the comments!

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