Fabric, Kona Cottons

FEB 23RD – Silver Lining

Guest Post by Pesha Leah McLemore

Rise and SHINE this glimmering Tuesday morning and feast your eyes on this Kona Silver!

Stunning right!

It is a great neutral with that light and bright feel. It is going to go well with all!

Silver is fabulous, silver jewelry, silver candlesticks, silver coins! I love it!

My parents like traditions, like most families. One of their long-standing ones is to give children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren a silver coin each year. You can guess by now that some of us, you know the ones who haven’t broken into the stash, have a quiet little collection going on. It is fun for the kids (both big and small) to receive that shiny silver coin each year.

You can add some silver to your traditions, Kona Silver that is. Add this beauty to your stash today!

Love, Pesha Leah

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