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March31 – Lighthouse: A Light in the Night to Find Your Way

Today’s Kona Cotton color of the day is Lighthouse. Yesterday we went all dark and dramatic with Charcoal. Today we are flipping it around and going to light up your world with Lighthouse. Lighthouse is a very light, barely there light grey that could almost be described as a dirty white or even a misty white with hints of blue.

Lighthouses have always fascinated me. I’ve always wanted to visit one, but was never near enough to the coasts to get to see one. I am apparently a consummate landlubber. According to the Smithsonian Magazine article, the oldest lighthouse in America is The Boston Light in Boston Harbor. The lighthouse has been working for over 300 years assisting sailors coming into the Boston harbor since 1716. It’s not the original building which was destroyed by the British during the Revolutionary war, but was rebuilt in 1783 and has been doing it’s job ever since. It still has working lighthouse keepers to this day.

Now the little history lesson over, let’s again take a look at yesterday’s quilt with Charcoal, but we’ll show an alternative color story with Lighthouse to see what difference it takes on in perspective.

Bejeweled Waves Colorstory A by Kathleen Reynolds for Sew Charming Quilts

It may not have quite the impact that the other colors did, but it still makes a punch. For me, the Charcoal quilt coloring made the waves look like they are going horizontally, but here with the lighter color, I see more of the zig zag going vertically. It’s amazing what impacts small color changes can make. Try your hand at some fun new Kona Cotton colors today. You can get them RIGHT HERE!

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