April 2 – Cobblestone- Follow the Cobblestone Brick Road

Guest Post by Diane Martin

Today’s Color of the Day is Cobblestone. The term cobblestone, when used accurately, refers to small blocks of paving material made from natural stone. Granite and other types of cobblestones have been used in roadways, driveways, and walkways for centuries, and many of those surfaces still remain in service. Isn’t that what we hope for when we make a quilt, that it remains useful and is passed down through the generations.

Cobblestone is a great neutral color and I have chosen two different way to feature it. I love this first combination of Steel, Charcoal, Doeskin, Biscuit, Everglade, Moss, and Natural. To me, this is a very calm and soothing combination of colors, and I would love to create a quilt using these colors.

Maybe you are more whimsical and would choose a different color palette that might include some greens, yellows, and neutrals. You could add some Chartreuse, Lime, Grass Green, Honey Dew, Raffia, Stone, and Limelight and create something that is fun and playful.

Simple Twist by Janice Ryan

Whatever you decide, let us know in the comments below. Are you more calm and soothing, or playful and whimsical?

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