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May 15th – Alice Through the Looking…. Sea Glass

Photo by Pixaby

Today’s Kona Cotton color of the day is Sea Glass.

If Alice were to look down through the ocean, what would she see? Rocks, sand, fish, marine life? Yes, of course. Now, if Alice were to look through the door of a local quilt shop? That’s another matter altogether, and hopefully she would find something WONDERFUL through the looking glass. Maybe she would find sea glass on a shelf with other marvelous solid colors.

Sea glass is a light and beautiful blue with hints of teal underneath. This color just makes me swoon with delight. The only other time I recall water that was this blue and beautifully clear with gorgeous sand was when I was a child between the ages of 4-7. We had just visited my grandmother up in Ticonderoga and we went for a trip to Lake Champlain in Upper New York State. It is a bordering lake between New York and Vermont. I still have memories of that trip even now. The biggest part of the lake is at the upper border of the state, but snakes down south. The middle portion of the smaller part of the lake is right near Ticonderoga and Crown Point where grandparents and great aunts, uncles and cousins lived. I remember the sand being so clean and nearly white and the water very blue and clear. I loved it. I miss those times. But life moves ever forward and so will we. Let’s find some quilts with this beautiful Sea Glass in it.

Free Pattern Candy Stars by Ariga Mahmoudlou for Robert Kaufman

The sea glass color blends beautifully with the other colors in this quilt, such as Aqua, Melon, Creamsicle, Punch, Mulberry, Blueprint and Hibiscus.

Let’s try another, shall we? The following quilt pairs sea glass with, cerise, ivory, pacific and turquoise.

Broken Sea Glass Star by Kathleen Reynolds for Sew Charming Quilts

Don’t wait another minute to get some sea glass for yourself. What project would you use this color in? An appliqued flower garden perhaps? Why not?

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