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July 21st- Coral

Photo by Pixby

Today’s Kona Cotton color of the day is Coral.

Coral is a bright red with undertones of pink and orange.

Did you know that coral, while it may look like plants or rocks are actual animals? Coral is actually made up of tiny animals called polyps. They are invertebrates that can be as big as one foot across or no bigger than a pinhead. They live within a stony skeleton grouped in colonies. They are also related to jellyfish.

Natural pigments in coral produce ranges of colors including red, white, blue, orange, yellow, green and purple.

So speaking of Coral…. let’s look at this beauty below which features Coral amongst other fabulous Kona Cotton colors.

Mini Petals by Ariga Wilson for Robert Kaufman

Stop by our studio, in person or online and get some Coral today! What’s on your cutting table today?

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