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August 18th- Mac and Cheese

Photo by Pixaby

Today’s Kona cotton color of the day is Mac n Cheese.

So awhile back my daughter and I were looking at all of the Kona cotton colors and talking about the names and she said, “I want the job of naming the new Kona cotton colors that are created. That would be so cool.” I agree with her. Today’s color just makes me hungry for mac n cheese.

The color is the exact color of the powder that comes in the box of Kraft Mac n Cheese. I don’t know about you, but we are a house divided when it comes to mac n cheese. I tend to like the Velveeta mac n cheese because I like the creamy texture. I also just like to squeeze it out of the packet. My husband on the other hand likes the powder cheese sauce but he has a particular way of making it. Buy two boxes and make only one box of noodles but use double the cheese powder and a little extra milk and butter. Don’t worry the extra macaroni is not wasted, I just save it and add it to my chili and make chili mac with the leftovers.

Now that you are hungry, let’s talk about this quilt. It features the Square in a Square block technique. So if you are looking for a new pattern or looking to try a new technique or maybe an old favorite you can give this quilt a try. Let us know and we can certainly kit this up for you to make.

Diamond Transparency

Let us know what is on you cutting table today.

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