Fabric, Kona Cottons

September 23rd- It’s Not Easy Being Evergreen

Photo by Pixaby

Today’s Kona cotton color of the day is Evergreen.

You might ask what is so special about evergreen trees and it is because they keep their leaves all year long as opposed to deciduous trees that loose their leaves in autumn. I did not know that evergreens cover nearly one-sixth of the world’s land. Thousands of species are considered evergreens including conifers, palm trees, and most of the trees found in the rain forest. One of my favorite places to hike when I lived in Beaverton was Hoyt Arboretum, which is Portland’s museum of living trees. No matter what time of the year we went it was always green because of the huge presence of evergreens.

Today’s color Evergreen brings me right back to the arboretum. It is a deep dark green that reminds me of a pine forest. Pair it with Kona Snow and you would have a great two color quilt. Add in some Ruby and you have the makings of a great holiday quilt.

You can get Evergreen HERE. Let us know what is on your cutting table today.

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