October 22nd – Leather and Boots

Photo by Pixaby

Today’s Kona Cotton color of the day is Leather. Leather is a medium brown with undertones of yellow in it.

There are lots of things I don’t have where leather is concerned. I DON’T have a good pair of cowgirl boots, even though I’ve wanted a pair for more than a decade. I have fat ankles that makes wearing even fashionable boots difficult. I’m short and so while I could get extra wide calf boots, I don’t know if they make those in cowgirl boots for me. My fat ankles pretty much match the rest of me. At some point, I may actually get a handle on my weight and it will decrease for the better. I’m still a work in progress.

The second thing I have never worn, because I never had that kind of money (or fashion sense for that matter), and that is leather pants/skirts. I just don’t understand the fascination. I don’t know that I ever did. Have any of you worn leather pants or skirts? Is it really up to the hype?

The quilt I highlight today has been shown on the blog before, but it’s so beautiful, as with most truly awesome quilts, it bears a repeat. So here it is. Harvest by Elise Lea for Robert Kaufman. It’s roughly 68 x 89 1/2, so a pretty good sized quilt!

Harvest by Elise Lea for Robert Kaufman

As always, you can get your leather fabric here on our website for 15% off today only. Let us know what’s on your cutting table this week. Also, a reminder that we are having our long-arm sale through the end of this month. Bring or send us your first quilt and we’ll finish for you for .015 cents per square inch (regularly .03 cents per square inch). Have a great quilty day and week looking forward.

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