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Celebrate the Year in Color – Starting with Non-Colors

When I thought about what I wanted to bring to the new year, I wasn’t quite sure what I should do. I knew that I wanted it to be positive and perhaps better than last year because the pandemic certainly messed things up a bit, for a lot of people.

Well, one of the things that excites me the most and gives me many of those warm, fuzzy feelings is fabric, the feel, the look, the texture, but mostly… the color. Color seems to be the thing that evokes the strongest of emotions regardless of your age, gender, or socioeconomic status. And everyone has their favorite color. It seems that the favorite color of most, the world over, is blue and the least favorite color, fancied only by 5% of the world’s population is yellow. There are warm colors, cool colors, neutral colors…but the “colors” most talked about technically aren’t even colors at all, well, from a scientific standpoint at least.

These two would be black and white. Black is technically not a color as it is the absence of light; it absorbs all the colors and reflects no specific wavelengths back to the eye . And White, comprises all the colors in the visible light spectrum and appear this way when all the wavelengths are reflected back to the eye; but technically it has no hue.

For quilter’s, these “non-colors” are the most widely used ones as a choice for background fabrics. To be sure other colors are used, such as beige, cream, light blue, light pink or yellow; but on average, white and black are most widely used as a background based on their strong contrast with other colors either for light or for dark.

These non-colors are still the first go to’s for most quilters to complement a cacophony of colors, textures and styles in other fabrics. Robert Kaufman’s collection of solid colors has a broad range and depth, has been around for over 35 years and, I believe, is the largest collection of solid colors in the quilting industry today with 365 colors, one for every day of the year and specialty limited colors coming out each year.

So follow me for the rest of 2021 and each day we will highlight one solid color…and maybe after a few days or weeks a quilt will appear blending the best of the creative juices that these colors invoke and the feelings that come along with them.

JANUARY 1 – Kona Cotton White

JANUARY 2 – Kona Cotton Black

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