In the fury of the storm, comfort is close at hand.

I’ve gotten behind on so many things this month. I get that life isn’t easy, but it isn’t supposed to be THIS hard. I have so many projects that I need to “get” done and so many more on my wishlist. Do you all have those kind of days too?

I do feel like I’ve gotten a lot of things accomplished, but I still see that there is SO much MORE that I CAN do, WANT to do and NEED to do. Right now I’m working on the videoing for the mug coasters and mug rugs that I promised to get to my newsletter list a week ago. But truth be told, I’ve also had personal things that just kind of flew in the window and upset the whole kit and kaboodle. Such as, my 1.5 year old granddaughter received a serious burn on her head and has spent time in the ER and back and forth to doctors being treated for that (don’t worry, she’s ok). So I was providing some emotional support for my daughter who lives on the east coast. My youngest son was told this week that he didn’t need to worry about coming in to work while the owners were busy setting up a new place. Ordinarily, this would cause most young men to celebrate free time off, but in his eyes, the worry and stress of losing a week’s pay when there are bills to pay was not helpful. My other daughter who lives 4 hours away from me, had to go to a funeral for a dear and beloved family member on her husband’s side just last Friday and trying to explain to her young children why they won’t be visiting Mamaw anymore. It was gut wrenching for my son-in-law and his whole family, but again… this is life. It’s hard, it’s emotional and it’s messy.

So for me, working through any emotional stress means, cutting fabric and sewing to create something or quilting something I’ve already finished and prepped. This week, it’s getting prepared for the mug rugs and mug coasters and finding that comfort, solace and quiet place in the hum of my sewing machine, or the zip sound of my rotary cutter, picturing in my mind, the beauty of what can be when it’s all done.

Choosing the right pieces from a layer cake
SO many to choose FROM!

So for now, I will sew… I will let my beauty hum … and I will remember to be thankful for fabric, sewing machine, family and all the comfort these things bring.

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