Fabric, Kona Cottons

I know I’m late – it’s a JUNGLE out there!

I know. I know. I was supposed to post this in the morning, but today was a Wednesday that felt more like a Monday.


Kona Cotton Solid Jungle

Today’s Kona Color is JUNGLE. It’s green, it’s vibrant, it’s BOLD. But sometimes to have fun, you don’t need that much of the color for it to still pop! Look at the next picture for example. The JUNGLE only has color to the center, but it jumps out at you from front and center due to the black background squares and the complimentary red color Chili.

The quilt example is the Carpenter Square… but I call this the Jingle Star. Don’t worry, you can make this with any fabric, or color you like. Maybe it will be in blue or purple next.

Or mixed with baby pink, lemon ice and blueberry and it could be for any newborn prince or princess!

Jingle Star Quilt
First Star to the Right Quilt

What will you create with the many choices there are?

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