Stand Out in a Crowd


There’s pink. And then there’s PINK, REALLY PINK – BRIGHT PINK to be exact. This is the kind of pink where you truly WANT to be noticed. It’s the perfect kind of color needed to slide into February where Valentine’s Day is coming up to give that special someone in your life a gift to remember. Instead of chocolates, that melt in your mouth and not in your hands, or flowers that may wilt and die, give them FABRIC and LOTS of it!!

Make your mark by not blending in, but by standing out from the other colors.

Truthfully, pink is not necessarily everyone’s favorite color, well, unless you ask my sister, in which case she will always say ‘pink’. As will my granddaughter, Vivian. I got her a harmonica this year as a special gift and I was able to find it in – you guessed it – PINK, her favorite color, so she told me.

But other than cream, white, a range of pinks or blues…. what other colors might harmonize nicely with BRT Pink allowing it to be the star?

So let’s talk about color again…

BRT Pink is a VERY bright color…. but there are lots of ways that we could join it with other colors by choosing other colors based on the color wheel. Let’s look at the different ways:

  • Complimentary – a color directly opposite to your chosen color on the color wheel (opposites attract!)
  • Analagous – colors directly next to your chosen color on the color wheel
  • Triadic – three colors on the color wheel (including your color) that make a sort of triangle
  • Tetradic – four colors on the color wheel (including your color) that makes a rectangle
  • Tones – adding gray to a series of analagous colors
  • Shades – adding black to a series of analagous colors
  • Tints – adding white to a series of analagous colors.

So you see it can be relatively easy to find great color combinations if you know your primary color wheel. Red, Yellow and Blue are the primary colors and Green, Purple and Orange are the secondary colors and every other color is a combination of those in between those colors and/or added shades, tones and tints.

So here is the color BRT Pink and the different colors that occur if you choose any one of the above. The only one I forgot to mention was the neutrals and that occurs when you add browns to the mix.

As you can see with just a few tweaks, there’s A LOT you can do with color. I would encourage you to invest in a color wheel going forward (if you don’t already have one). It’s worth its weight in gold.

What color will you play with today?

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