In The Royal Family – Quilters, That Is

Guest Post by Pesha Mclemore


Grand, power, majestic……….ROYAL!

Hey guys, looook at this blue. What an inspiring color. I am in aww.

So who binges on Netflix? Yea, I know you’re out there. There are just some shows that are too good to stop right. So my fave is The Crown because I have always had a fascination with the Royal family. I mean, how does the Queen keep that family in check! Maybe it is all of those fairytales we read about as children that intrigued our imaginations of being rescued by the prince, running away to the castle and being adorned by a beautiful crown.

Whatever it is, I’m hooked on this Kona Cotton Royal Blue.

  • true fact : I named my first born after Prince Andrew because I had seen his wedding on T.V. to Fergie and loved it! Just sayin…

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