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Guest post by Pesha Leah McLemore

Ice, Ice baby!

Today is not February 10th, it is the 11th, but things happen and this post did not get completed. I think it worked out because here in Dallas, we have ice. BRRRR!!!

With all of this cold weather, it is the perfect day to stay in and work on a project with this beautiful Kona Orchid Ice. It is light and delicate and has us dreaming of warmer days with its spring tone. Look at the picture above, notice the color combo provided in nature! Isn’t it fabulous! You could pair this with orange or green varying shades of purple and pinks for a truly unique look.

There are just so many amazing combinations. We would love to see what you have come with. I bet it is amazing!

Let’s do this icy day right. Slide in and pick up some of this Kona Orchid Ice today!

Love, Pesha Leah

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