Fabric, Kona Cottons

Knock Knock – Who’s There – Orange

Guest Post by Pesha Mclemore


Here is something to start the day off right and to get you to the end of your week. Let me introduce you to Kona’s ORANGE.

Orange is one of those colors that gets put into a box (not by any creative artist here) and only pulled out for all of those fall projects. Don’t get me wrong, it is a perfect fit but just look at the color blend in this photo. Look at nature and all the blends of colors there, just like this. JUST IMAGINE!

Not gonna lie though, when I was younger I wasn’t a fan. You know, 70’s and shag carpet, I think I had too many wrong impressions in my daily color scheme of life. But baby things changed. I love it now and can dream of countless ways to put it into a project.

Join me in this love of Kona Cotton Solid ORANGE and get yours today!

Love, Pesha Leah

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