FEB 14TH – ESPRESSO – Starbucks got nothing on me


You’d think we’d have a cheery pink or blushing red to share for Valentine’s Day. But, I don’t. Today’s Kona Cotton color is something that so many people love and, most mornings RELY on to get a jump on their day. Not me. Never me. It seems a cruel twist of fate ensures that I never get to enjoy this deep and kick-ass beverage. I’m allergic to caffeine, that hidden component to espresso, most coffees, teas, sodas and, yes of course, chocolate. Today it just seems unfair. No espresso and no chocolate. But, I’ve learned to deal with the cards handed to me.

This color by Kona is so deep and rich. It’s so dark a brown it’s almost black, but not quite. I think it would pair well with the color teal or any derivative of the teal family. So let this dark color deeply satisfy when you grab your next cup of Espresso and your quilting fabrics. Especially for today when the windchill factor is -6 degrees.

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