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February 18 – Texas Winter Storm Delay!

FEB 16th – Chartreuse
The Kona Cotton color for February 16th is Chartreuse.  Chartreuse is an interesting color in that it doesn’t seem to be able to decide whether its a green-yellow or a yellow-green.  It’s a very light color, like a barely-there color.  And…. it’s not my favorite.  I would say that it’s my least favorite, except that there are those in the orange and yellow color zones that could probably beat that as my least favorite.  Sadly, there is a reason for it being my least favorite color.  When my family moved from New York (the state, not the city) to Texas, one of the first homes my parents happened to buy (back in the late 70’s/early 80’s) was a small ranch-style home. That wasn’t the problem. Buying the house wasn’t the problem. The problem was the kitchen. The kitchen was painted (by the previous owners) in a chartreuse color. It was a dingy, yellow-green-yellowy color that was just awful.  The kitchen was small and this color did nothing for it.  The worst part of it was that my parents just didn’t seem to see any need to paint the kitchen, yellow, blue, pink, mauve…. WHITE! Any color but what was on the walls.  I was 12. What did I know?  I have since had an aversion to this color and this color’s name ever since.  Well, until now.  This Kona cotton color is LEAGUES away from those dingy-kitchen-chartreuse days.  This color is quite lovely.  I don’t even care that it can’t make up its mind between yellow or green.  It’s a happy color and it makes me happy too.

FEB 17th – Chocolate
The Kona Cotton color for February 17th is Chocolate.  And this color makes me sad because I REALLY love Chocolate. But since my post for Espresso talks about my allergy and inability to drink coffee, this allergy extends to chocolate too.  But I also think that perhaps the Powers That Be are also keeping me from being 500 lbs., because I would eat A LOT of Chocolate if I could!
But this color would go really well with a red, a teal or even a light brown like Champagne or Khaki… just to “keep it in the family” you know.
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