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FEB 18TH – Smooth Suede

Guest Post by Pesha Mclemore


Happy Thursday to you!

Let’s start this day with Kona’s SUEDE! OOOHH

Ok, so did you ever have that thing you wanted as a teenager, that thing that you just knew if you had it you would be the IT girl? So picture this….blue suede…….fringe……are you with me? This coat was straight out of my favorite movie and I had found one at the local mall. I would make pilgrimages there just to take a look. Mmmmmm………….never got that jacket but I am digging on this Suede! Once a fan always a fan!


This is a great neutral shade pairing well with any fabric. Select your Kona Cotton Solid Suede today and start on that perfect project you have been dreaming about!

Love, Pesha Leah

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