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Guest post by Pesha Leah

Good Tuesday morning loves. Get a whiff of this color by Kona, Balsam!

It is another one of their fabulous greens. It falls in the Pesto range to me but lighter. Also it is a bolder green. Don’t we all like a little boldness in our projects and lives.

I am getting spring fever ya’ll. Bright flowers and fresh scent. Who doesn’t love the spring? All of the men in my immediate family are spring babies which means I have several birthdays coming up. I remember a tree at the corner of our street which always was the first to bloom, even in February. When I saw that tree bloom, I knew spring was on it’s way.

You can add a little taste of spring to your fabric collection today by popping on over and picking up some of this Kona Balsam!

Love, Pesha Leah

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