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Who put the SASS in Sassy Pink?

Guest post by: Pesha Leah McLemore

Monday morning madness and the first day of March, wow! What a day to introduce Kona’s Sassy pink!

Have you ever had that extra “something” that kicks everything up a notch? That crazy, wild rush that has you turning the radio up? Kona has this amazing color, Sassy Pink, so that you can add that wild rush into your next project.

It is young, hot, fun, catch your eye, SASSY!

I can’t say enough about the vibrant fun this would add to any quilting project!

Just look at the way this quilt has pink added for contrast and pop! WOW!

Start March off right, come grab your Kona Sassy Pink today and put the sass into your next project!


Pesha Leah

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