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March 2 – Kona, It’s a One, Two Punch!

March 2nd – PUNCH

It’s Tuesday! And today’s Kona color of the day is Punch! And this color will give your eye sockets and your quilts that punch of color it’s been looking for! It’s not quite red and not quite pink, but somewhere in between.

This reminds me of all those times that my mother made punch – a drink unto itself by its uniqueness and weirdly combinations. She didn’t do this often, but I remember that she did it at least 3 times that I remember, twice when I was little and the last time at my wedding. She got out that big round glass punch bowl and the surrounding little glasses that hung off the sides and with the accompanying small stirring and serving ladle. Then she made the punch.

This was no ordinary punch, my friends. Oh no. She pulled out all the stops. She got that can of Hawaiian Punch – the BIG can, mind you, the RED kind, a bottle of ginger ale and ice….because, of course, it had to get cold. It was like the precursor to an actual slushie.

When I was little, it was a sweet and fizzy drink and I felt like one of the grownups partaking in something “forbidden”. At my wedding reception, I was too giddy with joy to really care what was being served.

What quilt pattern would you put this color fabric in?

Put a punch in your quilts and get some Kona Cotton fabrics today! www.sewcharmingquilts.com

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