Fabric, Kona Cottons

When Quilting Gives You Wings

March 3rd – CARDINAL

Today’s Kona Cotton color of the day is Cardinal. It’s a blood red color that just signals the start of something good.

Any greens, rich blues, or other red tones would work well with this color.

And speaking of Cardinals, the birds I mean, I have only seen one of these birds in the wild twice. That’s it. Twice. I’ve seen more Blue Jays than Cardinals, and they are also strikingly beautiful birds. Nope. Not so many Cardinals. Mostly in books. And it’s sad too because this bird, just like this color fabric is so gorgeous to see.

This fabric would go perfectly as the very center square of a log cabin block, or perhaps the center strip of a Rail fence block, or just the corners of a snowball block. The options are truly endless when you look at and think about design.

Or even better, the center of the flying geese. The only thing that limits your imagination to fly like the Cardinal is you. Don’t restrict yourself. Give your quilting imagination wings to soar like the Cardinal, pick up some Cardinal fabric on our website and dive right into that new quilt project! Which blocks will it be?

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