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March 12 – Kona Dill- How about a nice Vlasic?

Dill is the Kona Cotton Color of the Day. Even though dill is an herb or a spice in the celery family, I associate the word with pickles. I have an on and off relationship with pickles. As a child I loved them and would eat them frequently. When I was pregnant with my first child, pickles were not something I craved. In fact, I could not even smell them. My mother in law would make potato salad, and for the longest time she would set some aside for me before she added pickles to the rest. Now as I have gotten older my aversion is gone and I love pickles again, especially dill pickles. I will eat them on my hot dogs, on a sandwich, on the side, and even in my potato salad. Bring them on.

That is what I love about this color. It will compliment so many colors and I have chosen this color palette below. I can just see a little boys quilt made in these colors. Add in a frog or fish print or some woodland or nature fabric and it would be adorable.

Let us know what you will be making with your Kona Dill today.

O. D. Green, Steel, Sky, Cadet, Avocado, and Palm

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