Fabric, Kona Cottons

March 13 – Kona Clover- May the luck of the Irish be with you

I know that I am jumping the gun a little bit on St. Patrick’s Day, but how can you not help falling in love with this color. I guess I am a little bit partial because my oldest daughter was born on St. Patrick’s Day, so it is always a day of celebration at our house. Growing up she did not like cake for her birthday and usually wanted an ice cream cake or pie instead of a frosted confection. One year she decided that a cake would be okay and I made a shamrock cake out of hearts. I decorated it myself with white and green frosting. It was not a complete disaster, but after that experience we went back to serving pie or ice cream on her birthday.

There are so many great color combinations that could be paired with the color Clover. If I was choosing a monochromatic color scheme I would use the colors in this quilt including Grasshopper, Kiwi, Jungle, Pear, Hunter Green, Forest, Holly, Kelly, Spruce, Willow, Balsam, Botanical, Parakeet, Pesto, and Fern. I’m almost green with envy because there are so many different shades of green. May the luck of the Irish be with you so that if you don’t find a pot of gold under a rainbow this year, or a lucky four-leaf clover, that you find some time to make a project using this lovey shade of green.

Clover Field designed by Elise Lea

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