Fabric, Kona Cottons

March 16 – Have a Holly Jolly…No Wait

Today is March 16th – Happy Tuesday to you! The Kona Cotton color for today is Holly. Though it is supposed to be warming up for spring coming right around the corner, some, from the Rockies through the Midwest are experiencing another “white christmas”.

While Holly is not technically a christmas color, it is associated with December and winter because that’s when the Holly berries appear on the female plants.

Mostly though, it’s a really beautiful and rich green with some undertone hints of blue. And if you are feeling like a little winter in the middle of spring… pair it with Cardinal or rich red.

For me personally, I like me some monochromatic and analogous color grouping going on with varying shades of green AND blue. I’ll put together some Kona collections for you.

Don’t delay! Get some Kona today! Spring into some Holly for your next project.

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