March 21 – Kona’s Blue Lagoon

The Kona cotton color of the day today is Lagoon. Its a beautiful blue color and we’ve had several blues recently. So let’s compare and contrast.

So as you can see…. the blues have quite the range between light, medium and dark. But now what would you put with them? Neutrals…. do I hear neutrals calling? What about these? The following neutral shades run the gamut from light to dark also and are just a fraction of the colors that could be considered neutrals.

But what colors should we put with lagoon? Shall we try these color combos on for size?

Or these? Lagoon, Pewter, Seafoam and Breakers.

Here, we have Lagoon, Navy, Marine and Snow.

These are just some options of color combinations. But whatever you choose to combine Lagoon with, I’m sure it’s going to be beautiful and just out of this world.

Show us your color combinations! We’d love to see!

You can pick up Lagoon here for 15% off today only!

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