Fabric, Kona Cottons

March 23 – Kona Harbor- Come Sail Away, Come Sail Away, Come Sail Away With Me

Today’s color of the day is Kona Harbor. As I have mentioned in previous posts I love the Oregon coast. It is a short, 90 minutes drive to the ocean. This past fall I took a week long trip up the Oregon coast, visiting many different towns, lighthouses, quilts shops, and sites along the way. The trip started out with a scenic drive through the valley and then we cut across country to the tip of Northern California where we proceeded north. Our first stop was Brookings, OR, which is a harbor town. As the week progressed we drove as far north as Tillamook, OR. I took along several of my quilts to photograph them at different locations.

Brookings, OR

Kona Harbor is such a beautiful shade of blue. I would pair it with Blue Jay, Stratosphere, Windsor, Dusty Blue, Fog, and a touch of Juniper. If you can’t make it to a harbor town, you can always stop by and pick up your own Kona Harbor in the shop today.

Let us know what you plan on making.

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