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May 7 – Yarrow ….. Did You Know….?

Photo by Pixaby – Plant shown is for color purposes and is not the Yarrow plant.

Today’s Kona Cotton color of the day is Yarrow.

Yarrow, or Achillea Millefolium is a common flowering plant in the asteraceae family. It grows in the temperate regions of North America, Europe and Asia.

According to specialtyproduce.com “Yarrow is a soft herb, like tarragon. The herb has a strong licorice-like aroma with a sweet flavor and a somewhat bitter and astringent finish. The strong aroma remains even when Yarrow is dried. The plant blooms in the late summer with small white flowers, reminiscent of tiny, flattened daisies.”

But our yarrow fabric color is kind of a hybrid between a yellow and a brown. Sure to delight. We should see what we can blend with this color, right? Let’s do it!

Achillea Millefolium by Kathleen Reynolds for Sew Charming Quilts

See? Even the hybrid colors can be used well as a background fabric if you pair it with the right colors! In this case…. lots of teals and blues and a smattering of light fabrics for visual interest.

Try some Yarrow fabric and maybe pair it with some bright greens, blues or lavenders. Your quilt garden will love it!

Oh and hey, did you know that insects really hate yarrow? Maybe you should plant some in your garden to keep the pesky bugs and mosquitos away this summer. Why not?

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