Fabric, Kona Cottons

May 11th -Cerise

Photo by Pixaby

Today’s Kona color of the day is Cerise.

I really like this color for some reason. It’s not pink and it’s not purple. It’s as if the two collided. My mother in law gave me a blouse in this color for my birthday many years ago. It quickly became a favorite of mine and I wore it a lot. In fact, I wore it so much I wore it out and no longer have it. As a teacher I always had to have my picture taken on picture day along with my students, so that my picture could be put up on the school’s website and published in the yearbook. One of my favorite class pictures was taken while wearing this blouse. My pictures are all packed in a box currently, otherwise I would post a picture of me wearing it, and I could probably find a few more pictures of different occasions where I am wearing it.

At Dusk

Anyway, if you like this color as much as I do, you can find it HERE. I just have to plan my next project with this color in mind.

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