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May 13 – Pearl Pink….Why does the oyster never share her pearls? Because she was shellfish.

Photo by Pixaby

Today’s Kona color of the day is Pearl Pink.

Pearl Pink is a soft pink color and when I think about pearls, I think in shades of whites and creams, but what do I know about pearls. I have owned three pairs of pearls in my lifetime. The first pair were a fake set that I purchased at Claire’s when I was in high school and they probably only costed a few bucks. One of the trends when I was in high school was to wear a deep V-neck sweater layered with different tank tops, jeans, and heels. To this ensemble I added my pearls from Claire’s and I thought I was hot stuff.

My second pair were also fake and also probably purchased from Claire’s and I wore them on my wedding day. My mom made my wedding dress and I spent countless hours sewing beads and pearls from the craft store on the lace trim on my gown. I had cut a picture from a bridal magazine of my dream dress, which had a low back with three strands of pearls draped in a scoop down the back. As hard as my mom and I tried, we could not figure out how to attach and drape the strands of pearls so they hung nicely.

My third set of pearls are actually real and they are from Boon Lay Gems in Singapore. I received them as a gift from one of my families for taking care of their daughter while at my last job. They are beautiful and I have not worn them in awhile. So tonight I am wearing them while I sit here and blog, wearing jeans and a t-shirt, feeling once again like I am hot stuff and on top of the world.

Botanical Ombre

It doesn’t matter if your pearls are fake or real, we hope that today you feel on top of the world. Let us know what you would create with Kona’s Pearl Pink.

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