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May 26th – Who Doesn’t Love a Great Bordeaux?

Photo by Pixaby

Today’s Kona Cotton color of the day is Bordeaux. It is a rich wine colored reddish/magenta color, but deep and dark not bright.

I am an admitted non-wine connoisseur. I couldn’t tell you the difference between a good wine, a bad wine, an expensive wine, or a cheap wine. I couldn’t tell you what makes a bordeaux different than a merlot, or a chianti different from a chablis. I don’t like really sweet wines, but for the longest time I couldn’t do merlots either – too dry. Handsome has always liked dry wines. I don’t or never have in the past. The one wine that we could agree on is a wine called Jeunesse. It’s a young semi-sweet wine. Not too dry for me and not too sweet for him. It has been a really good compromise for the both of us. That was…. until Passover of this year. I tried my hand at a couple of different, more dry wines and found that my tastes had changed. I happen to love the Spanish Rioja wines. I will drink the Cordova but the Crianza is one of my fave’s. It’s not sweet, but it has that nice fruity blend that just lives on your palette. And then I also tried Terra di Seta Chianti Classico. It’s an Italian wine. Also a dry wine, but the flavor subtly ends in a soft way on your tongue. Yeah. I’m still NOT a wine aficionado, but I have grown in the last 38 years or so.

But this Bordeaux…. brings a whole new meaning to the word dry wine, but full of sweet quilty color and flavor. Like this quilt below.

Bottle of Bordeaux by Kathleen Reynolds for Sew Charming Quilts

If you are wanting to improve your wine OR quilt project list, include some Bordeaux in your next project. You can get Kona Cotton Bordeaux here on our website at sewcharmingquilts.com! Maybe pick up a pattern or two if you like!

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