Fabric, Kona Cottons

May 25th – Otter…By any Otter Name

Picture by Pixaby

Today’s Kona color of the day is Otter.

I am surrounded by wetlands and nature preserves where I live and I can’t say that I have really seen any otters living in the wild by the creeks and lakes around here, even though they are mostly found west of the Cascade Range. We do have beavers and nutria, which I had never seen or heard of before I moved to the PNW. I have gotten quite an education about nature and events that I did not have or experience growing up in the Midwest, but those are stories for another day. I do however enjoy going to the Oregon zoo where they do have a natural habitat where otters live and play

If you don’t have otters where you live, you can certainly find some Kona Otter HERE. Let us know what you are making today.

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