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July 8th- Carrot Top

Photo by Pixaby

Today’s Kona Cotton color of the day is Carrot. The bright-medium orange that brings out happiness.

I hate to admit it, but when I was a child I was teased incessantly for being a “carrot top”, which didn’t actually make sense to me because carrot tops are technically green. But I was called that because of my red hair. Kids wanted me to admit my hair was “orange”, but really it was a deeper color, but considered light auburn. It didn’t have a lot of blond in it, so it wasn’t an orangey-red, it was more of a red-red.

Needless to say, it took me a long time to begin to appreciate my hair color. My brother and sister also have red hair. I’m in the middle. We each have a different shade of red. It gets lighter with each child down from the oldest. Now I’m older, so there is a bit more white than red anymore. And of course if you study the genetics of it all, technically my siblings and I shouldn’t have been redheads because my dad was a redhead but my mother was a brunette. However, there are two ways that this can give a redheaded child, 1 – is if there is a redhead gene carried by both parents, OR 2 – if the genes carried are incomplete dominants, which can “technically” overwrite a dominant/recessive gene and blend with it instead. Think, Strawberry Blonde or Dark Auburn. So it’s ironic I think, that my brother had REALLY REALLY redheaded kids and I only had a couple of kids with barely there red highlights and my sister didn’t get any redheads at all. But now in defense of my brother, he had dark auburn hair, red, but maybe just a hair of a shade north of brown and his wife (at the time) had very light strawberry blond hair. It just makes sense that his kids hair would turn out literally fire engine RED. Now that’s a REALLY RED RED.

Did you know that redheads are a rarity, genetically speaking? Only 2% of the world’s population has red hair. Here are some other cool facts you may not know.

  1. Because natural red hair holds it’s pigment more than other colors, it’s harder to dye.
  2. Redheads have less hair (fewer strands) than other hair colors, but it is much thicker, so it balances out.
  3. Mark Twain once quipped that “while the rest of the human race are descended from monkeys, redheads derive from cats.”
  4. Scotland has the highest proportion of redheads at 13%, followed by Ireland at 10%. However, the US has the highest population of redheads in the world at roughly 2-6%.

Well, redhead or carrot tops aside, this quilt, which contains Kona’s Carrot might be just what you’re looking for in a project. Take a look!

Sombre by Robert Kaufman Fabrics

This quilt’s warm tones will keep you snuggly on a chilly night. What’s on your cutting table today? Let us know in the comments below or better yet, share a picture.

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