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July 10th – Magenta

Photo by Pixaby

Today’s Kona Cotton color of the day is Magenta. This is a medium to dark purple and I am once again surprised.

I always assumed when people talk about magenta… that it would be more of a pinkish/reddish purple rather than a full out purple. But then people surprise me.

I am no less surprised by children. My grandchildren to be precise. My oldest grandchild, Emma, recently became a big sister (once again) to her little baby brother, Joshua. She has delighted in both helping and tormenting her younger sister Vivian, as most children do. But she loves her little brother. Vivian does also. My daughter had barely gotten home from the hospital before Emma was asking to hold him the minute they walked in the door.

My other grandchildren (a few states away), also like to take care of each other. And I’m glad that the idea of caring and compassion is so evident in their raising.

Well, here is something for summer that goes with magenta and kids – POPSICLES! It’s a great and fun table runner.

Popsicle Party by Megan Pitz for Robert Kaufman

What kid doesn’t love popsicles!? I lived for them every summer when I was growing up! So have a Popsicle Party today, but also, make a quilt.

Let us know what’s on your cutting mat today!

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