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August 5th- Raffia

Photo by Pixaby

Today’s Kona cotton color of the day is Raffia.

According to Wikipedia there are about twenty different species of palms native to Africa and especially Madagascar. Raffia fiber is used throughout the world in twine , rope, baskets, placemats, hats, shoes, and textiles. The fiber is produced from the membrane on the underside of each individual frond leaf. The membrane is taken off to create a long thin fiber which can be dyed and woven into a textile.

Today’s color is a neutral light beige color that pairs well with other browns, greens, and creams. The Simple Twist quilt is made with Half-Split/Half-Square triangles.

Simple Twist designed by Janice Ryan https://www.robertkaufman.com/quilting/quilts_patterns/simple_twist_3375/

Let us know what is on your cutting table today.

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