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August 6th – Biscuit or Cookie…. You Choose.

Photo by Pixaby

Today’s Kona Cotton color of the day is Biscuit.

Is it a Biscuit or a Cookie?? Well, that depends on who you ask and on which side of the Pond you’re on (Atlantic Ocean). Brits will call cookies – biscuits. Whereas, Americans will call cookies, well, cookies. It’s a different culture that we may sometimes find odd, but then again, I’m sure we’re pretty odd to others ourselves. And the differences in culture, speech, dress, etc, can even be different from locale to locale within the same country. Take America for example. Most people can detect which area of the country you are in based on your accent. The northeast, and Boston in particular has a very distinctive enunciation of certain words. Those from the southern states can have a very specific “southern drawl” if you’re from Georgia, the Carolinas, Mississippi or Louisiana. Texas has it’s own special ‘twang’ ya’ll and it’s called The Texas Twang.

I, in particular, have a very specific problem when it comes to accents. One of my sons can do accents really well. I cannot. I am terrible at them — SORT OF (I’ll explain in a moment). One of my daughters tries to do the accents of different countries and somehow it always ends up sounding like someone from Australia. We’ve always had a laugh about that. But me? I get myself in trouble quicker than a roadrunner on a snake. I’m terrible at accents… when I’M TRYING. When I’m not trying? I pick them up and slide right into them like silk on leather seats.

But this is where it can get horrifyingly embarrassing. When I happen to be in the company of someone from say, Britain, India, Australia, or anywhere else for that matter, it doesn’t take long before I have unconsciously adapted their accent in my speech. Yeah, I don’t even realize it’s happening. When my children want to get me to speak in a VERY distinct Texas Twang they start imitating it and then I start speaking it. It’s really ridiculous. And I have no control over it.

This was made evident to me when I was in my mid-30s (yeah, I know, I’m dating myself now). I was doing some intern work in British Columbia (Canada). My instructor was from India, but had moved to England with his family when he was a child so he had a very distinct British accent. I loved hanging out with everyone from there. I think I was the only American at the time. But when he asked questions, I began answering them in that VERY Brit accent. At first he thought I was mocking him. I tried to assure him that I wasn’t. But that’s when I realized I couldn’t control it. So I spent the two full weeks of that internship apologizing to people in advance. When I got home around my husband, kids and friends, my accent slipped right back to theirs. It was bizarre, funny and embarrassing all at the same time.

So what does all this have to do with quilting? Nothing. Absolutely nothing unless we go back to the original color of today, which is Biscuit….. NOT a cookie. Biscuit is medium to dark beige/brown with undertones of yellow that make it seem more like a dark taupe to me. But here is a quilt that may tie up your tongue for descriptive adjectives.

Kite Flight by Janice Ryan for Robert Kaufman

What’s on your cutting table this week?

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