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October 3rd – Med. Pink

Photo by Pixaby

Today’s Kona Cotton color of the day is Med Pink.

When I was a little girl, pink was my favorite color. Any. Pink. Color. My parents had painted the walls of my room pink and I had curtains with different colored, large pink polka dots on a white background. I loved those curtains and I loved my room. The 70’s were great, right?! My room was at the front left corner of the house (if you faced the front door from outside) and was right off of the living room — no hallways. The only time I wasn’t crazy about my room was when it was dark at night. We lived out in the country, in a pretty rural spot, but there would occasionally be cars going down the road at night because there were plenty of neighbors around, albeit at a distance with all the farm land around. I had two windows on two different walls — the front wall and the side wall — and there were two big elm trees outside each window. Needless to say, whenever a random car came down the road, the lights would hit the trees (on either side as it passed) casting very scary and creepy shadows onto the wall. I had lots of trouble sleeping back then. But I’ll never forget my room and how much I loved it back then. Well…. until my sister was born…. but that’s another story!

So here is a quilt to get you all warmed up with med pink and brighten your day. If you get started on this quilt NOW, it might be ready for valentines day in February.

I Heart Pink by Robert Kaufman Fabrics

Of course we can always kit this quilt for you if you like, and get your medium pink for 15% off today only on our website.

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