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October 2nd- Maize – We Are a Couple of Corny Gals

Photo by Pixaby

Today’s Kona cotton color of the day is Maize.

Growing up in central Illinois sweet corn was always a big part of summer. For many years we always had a big garden and my mom would can tomatoes, green beans, corn, and an assortment of other fruits and vegetables. My brother and I were in charge of shucking the corn, and I’m not talking about a few ears here, I’m talking about dozens and dozens. We would sit out on the back porch and peel off the husks and pick the ears clean of the silk. It was a messy job, but come December or January it was nice to go into the deep freezer and pull out a bag of corn. It was almost like you were enjoying the warm days of summer again.

Today’s color Maize is a pale yellow. It is not too light and not too dark. It is a beautiful color in my opinion. I heard or read the other day that grey was on its way out as a color, which if that is true it makes me sad because I am a yellow and grey combination girl, if there is such a thing. I would definitely pair Maize with several of the shades of grey.

Botanical Ombre

Let us know if we can kit this quilt for you. We are also running a special on our longarm quilting services this month. Our basic edge to edge quilting is on sale for 1 ½ cents per inch this month for your first quilt. Take advantage of this great deal and let us finish a project for you.

What is on your cutting table today?

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