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October 5th – Morning Glory

Photo by Pixaby

Today’s Kona Cotton color of the day is Morning Glory.

Morning Glory is that light to medium purple that I just LOVE! Morning glories happen to be one of my favorite climbing flowers. Morning glories are trumpet shaped flowers and come in several colors – pink, red, blue, purple or white. They attract birds and butterflies, are drought-tolerant, can grow up to 10 ft tall and unfurl their petals in the sun and close in the evening time.

So… I have this sorta funny story about this color and morning glories in general. I’ve moved. Like. A lot. Like 15 times in the 38 years I’ve been married, trailing six children over the course of many of those moves…and the reasons were many and varied. Needless to say, the second house we ever bought needed to be painted. My father-in-law was an incredibly generous man and offered to paint the house for us, purchase the paint and everything. Well, this house had morning glories that climbed up and over one side of our fence in the backyard by the garage. So when my father-in-law brought the paint swatches over, I had requested a muted gray/lavender color. I don’t know if he was fully paying attention to the color I pointed to, or if he got to the paint store and just couldn’t remember, but it definitely WAS NOT the muted lavender. I didn’t even realize it until they had started painting the next day and when I went outside to look (after half the house was already completed) that it was the completely WRONG shade. It was a bright, light, pinkey-purple shade. Oh yes…. this thrilled all the neighbors on our block whose doors were dark maroon, deep red, hunter green, dark gray, black and/or deep marine blue. They were not really happy campers about it. But by then, it was too late. My house was described as the “bright purple house” on the block. And we were described as “…you know THAT family…. the purple house family.”

But there was something magical that came out of all that. On purpose or by accident, whichever way you think of it…. the color of the house, matched the color of the morning glories all along the back fence, perfectly!

So since we all need a little morning glory love…. here is a quilt I think you are going to seriously enjoy!

Plaid on Point by Jennifer Rossott for Robert Kaufman

Let us know what’s on your cutting table today!

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