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October 12th – Sandy Beaches All Day Long

Photo by Pixaby

Today’s Kona Cotton color of the day is Sand. Sand will make a really great background or light contrasting fabric.

I loved going to the lake as a kid. We never really went to the ocean, except once when we went to visit family in Louisiana and they took us to the beach off the Gulf of Mexico. The sand seemed to go for DAYS. There wasn’t much I didn’t like about the water, the waves and the sand. But it didn’t love me much, and now I’d rather be inside than outside. It’s probably because of my fair skin and the fact that I can burn to a crisp inside of 5 minutes in the sun. Sadly, I’m actually NOT KIDDING. Not even sunscreen saves me. So it’s best that I keep my casper white skin right where it is inside my quilting studio.

My quilting tends to lean more to the traditional side. That isn’t to say that if a modern quilting pattern just really “speaks” to me that I will ignore it. Uh no. It’s a quilt. Why would I ignore it? If I just don’t like the colors or the pattern, I might pass it by, but it would have to be pretty fugly for me to do that.

So for the joy of sand and modern quilts. Here’s one for you! It’s approximately 57″ by 57″ and was designed by Suzanne Paquette of Atelier Six. Enjoy!

Pique Nique by Suzanne Paquette of Atelier Six

Let us know what’s on your cutting table this week!

If you’d like us to kit this quilt for you, just drop us a line at info@sewcharmingquilts.com.

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