October 20th – Pedal to the Metal, baby!

Photo by Pixaby

Today’s Kona Cotton color of the day is Metal. Metal is a medium gray with undertones of green, ever so slight….unless you put it up next to other grays….then you can usually see it. But it’s a beautiful color. My assistant Diane would probably already have ideas for 50 quilts that she could put this color into. She is the GRAY queen. She loves all grays for quilting and she’s done some fabulous quilts.

During the pandemic, when she was stuck at home like so many others, she quilted up a storm! She made 37 quilts in the first year of the pandemic. Wow! 37! I only hoped to be able to get that many quilts or designs done!

So today’s color metal…. I can’t help but think about the phrase “Pedal to the Metal” everytime I see this word. And I wondered where did this phrase come from? I’ve heard it all my life. So a little research later, and this is what I have found courtesy of Google and gingersoftware.com:

“This expression originated during the 1950s, when cars’ floorboards were made of metal and racers would put the accelerator all the way down to make their autos go as fast as possible.”

– Google and gingersoftware.com

Simple explanation huh? Well, for us, metal is another color in our color wheel-house! The snowflake pattern below is by modernhandcraft.com and this picture features metal as one of the colors. But here’s the REALLY fun part…. Modernhandcraft has this pattern as a Sew-Along from October 25th through December 13th! If you were looking for a fun and easy sew-along…. THIS is it! Go for it! They are calling this their SNOW-ALONG! You won’t want to miss it.

Snowflake by modernhandcraft.com

So what will be on your cutting table this week? Let us know in the comments below!

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