October 19th – There are Mushroom Fans and Then There are Not

Photo by Pixaby

Today’s Kona Cotton color of the day is Mushroom. Yes, like the earthy fungus people LOVE to eat. Well, most people.

I am okay with mushrooms if they are fresh. If they are cooked or slimy in any fashion? No sir, no ma’am, no thank you! I can tie down most of my food DIS-likes to foods I wasn’t served much as a child. Don’t get me wrong, there were foods I was served as a child a lot that I still didn’t like. And I wasn’t a terribly picky eater as a child. I liked my vegetables – most of them. But my parents didn’t serve mushrooms much. This is going to sound terrible to say, but my mother wasn’t the best cook around. As a matter of fact, she hated cooking. She HATED it, with a passion. She could cook some things nicely, like pot roast, and mashed potatoes, but most everything else she did she got from a package. This was thanks to home helping betty crocker, frenchs and other recipe rescuing prepackaged, processed foods. It was convenient for her. I don’t diss her for that. She was a hard-working, busy mom. She wasn’t at home all day to cook like her mother was. It was the 70’s. But sometimes there’s a part of me that wished she had picked up some of her mother’s cooking skills. I didn’t learn to cook properly until I was married for probably about 4-5 years. I picked up some of my mother’s bad habits regarding cooking. But I shook them off and went for non-processed, do-it-old-school cooking. And I think my family is better for it. Most of my kids, with the exception of 1 or 2, can cook and do it well. The other two just have other gifts, which is the same boat I put them in with my mother. She had different skills and talents. And that’s ok.

So like my mother and her cooking….. I love quilting. I also have four daughters and only 1 of them has garnered a love for quilting. And she does it well. The others all know how to sew, but they don’t do it because as they say they don’t have time. This I believe. But sometimes I wished they had wanted to follow in my footsteps a little bit with this quilting love.

No matter. Today Mushroom is a medium beige-y brown, more like a tan looking color to me. Believe it or not this would make a really good background color, for some other bright and/or dark colors in the teal range.

The quilt below is a surprising favorite of mine because at first it looks like a jumble of chaos and color, but out of all that there is still some order breaking forth in the star in the middle on the right.

Tesselations by Alison Glass Designs

So whether you like mushrooms or not, or the chaos of color or not, get yourself a a bit of Kona Cotton mushroom today!

Let us know what’s on your cutting table!

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