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November 12th – Butterscotch vs Caramel

Photo by Pixaby

Today’s Kona cotton color of the day is Butterscotch.

I learned today the differences between butterscotch and caramel from Kathleen. While I love sweets I do not tend to make butterscotch or caramels. I always left that job up to my mother in law, who makes both of them for the holidays. When it comes to butterscotch and toffee you’ve got a lot of the same ingredients. They also use butter, vanilla, and heavy whipping cream, but it’s the sugar that differentiates these two from caramel. While caramel uses white sugar, both butterscotch and toffee use brown sugar. Toffee is just cooked longer to reach the hard cracked stage. I tend to cheat and use a can of sweetened condensed milk boiled in water to make a yummy caramel sauce.

Today’s color is good enough to eat. It is a medium gold color. It is just a bit lighter than Kona Caramel. I am featuring this quilt again from Robert Kaufman designer Darlene Zimmerman, which features Butterscotch, Amber, Cedar, and some different shades of reds and yellows. I just love how the colors work together.

Autumn Bliss by Darlene Zimmerman

Let us know what is on your cutting table today.

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