Fabric, Kona Cottons

November 26th – Cayenne

Photo by Pixaby

Today’s Kona Cotton color of the day is Cayenne.

Cayenne is not only a deep, rich red, it is also a VERY hot pepper. Well, at least by my standards. I can handle a mild pepper, like a poblano, but nothing that approaches the heat of a habanero or cayenne chili pepper or even it’s milder cousin the jalapeno. Just can’t do it. My husband and a couple of my children can.

I personally worry that they have burnt the taste buds off their tongues with some of these hot peppers. But they like it. The hotter, the better. However, they WILL NOT go so far as to try Ghost Peppers or hotter. Smart.

But here we are with a wonderful color like Cayenne. Now what shall we do with it?

Let’s do some more color boarding! How about this one?!

Kona Cayenne Palette by Kathleen Reynolds and Coolors for Sew Charming Quilts

Try putting some colors together for yourself. Want to translate that color board or color story into fabric? Let us know and we’ll put a bundle together of JUST the colors you want! Check us out at www.sewcharmingquilts.com.

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