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December 20th – 28th: We Have Some Catching Up To Do

Photo by Pixaby
Photo by Pixaby
Photo by Pixaby
Photo by Pixaby
Photo by Pixaby
Photo by Pixaby

We have to apologize to everyone because we have fallen really behind in our Kona color of the day posts, so today you are going to get a lot of colors thrown at you. We always offer the Kona color of the day on sale for 15% off, but I know that if you try to order any of these past colors that they are no longer on sale on the website. I am quickly learning that there is a lot of backend computer work that happens on the website and I am not in charge of the piece of the puzzle, nor do I want to be. I know enough about computers and technology to be dangerous. With that being said, if you can wait a few more days then on Friday, December 31st, ALL of our Kona cottons will be on sale for 15% off. This will be the perfect time to stock up and add to your stash. Start planning your projects now so that you don’t miss out on a single color. We have all 365 colors in stock.

This quilt by Amanda Murphy features Daffodil, but could easily be adapted into any color of your choosing. Let us know if we can kit something up for you.

Kona Dots by Amanda Murphy

We hope that you had a wonderful holiday season and are ready to start planning and working on some new projects in 2022. Mark your calendar and set your alarm for Friday 12/31 so that you do not miss our end of the year sale on Kona cotton.

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