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December 12th – Knock, Knock… Who’s There? ….Cantaloupe

Photo by Pixaby Today's Kona Cotton color of the day is Cantaloupe! Knock, Knock. Who's There? Cantaloupe... Cantaloupe who? Cantaloupe today, I'm already married! I know. It's a bad and old joke. Well, that is kind of like ME. But today's color is pretty awesome as far as orange-y colors go. And ya'll know orange-y… Continue reading December 12th – Knock, Knock… Who’s There? ….Cantaloupe


The Lazy Days of Summer

I find it actually kind of funny to post something that makes me think of summer in the middle of winter. But isn't that what most people do? When it's cold they wish it was warm, when it's warm, they wish it was cool? Yeah. Me too. JANUARY 9th - CREAMSICLE Today's Kona Cotton color… Continue reading The Lazy Days of Summer