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Dang….Kona Meringue!

Guest post by: Pesha Leah McLemore

Mmmmm……….it’s Monday again and we are going to start it off right with Kona Meringue!

Ok, my friends let’s talk meringue. You see this amazing pie above covered with meringue perfection? And you can all imagine what it tastes like when it hits your mouth, am I right? I know, me too! Guess what? I can’t seem to create this pie perfection in my kitchen. I wish I could. I have tried — no luck. So I am going to stick to fabric and Kona Meringue is as smooth as they come. This color is soft as pie and will blend nicely with the colors of your choice.

This quilt is an inspiring way to add Kona Meringue into a project.


Pesha Leah

P.S. I’m thinking place mats to serve your next slice of meringue pie!

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